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Best Animation Institute In Sonipat

Pickles Animation is one of the best animation institutes in Sonipat. We offer a range of animation courses that cover everything from 2D and 3D animation to graphic designing, Video Editing, VFX Course, Multimedia Course, web designing, and digital marketing. We provide a 100% job guarantee to all their students. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in animation and looking for the best animation institute with a certificate and placement guarantee, Pickles Animation is certainly worth considering.

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Our Best Courses

2D animation Course in Sonipat

"Join our 2D Animation Course at Pickles Animation in Sonipat and learn the skills to bring your characters and stories to life. Enroll now and become a pro animator!"

3D animation Course in Sonipat

"Unleash your imagination with our 3D Animation Course at Pickles Animation in Sonipat. Enroll now and master the art of creating captivating animated content!"

VFX Course in Sonipat

"Bring your visual effects skills to the next level with our VFX Course at Pickles Animation in Sonipat. Enroll now and create stunning special effects like a pro!"

Graphic Designing Course in Sonipat

"Join our Professional Career in Graphic Designing course at Pickles Animation and take your creativity to the next level!"

Digital Marketing Course in Sonipat

"Enroll now in our Digital Marketing Course at Pickles Animation and become an expert in the world of online marketing!"

Web Designing Course in Sonipat

"Unlock your potential in website design with our comprehensive Web Designing Course at Pickles Animation in Sonipat. Enroll now and create stunning websites!"

Video Editing Course in Sonipat

"Refine your video editing skills and create professional-level videos with our Video Editing Course at Pickles Animation in Sonipat. Enroll now and unleash your creativity!"

Multimedia Course in Sonipat

"Explore the world of multimedia and enhance your creative skills with our Multimedia Course at Pickles Animation in Sonipat. Enroll now and unleash your potential!"

BSc in Animation and VFX

"Admission Open For BSc in Animation and VFX at Pickles Animation in Sonipat. Choose from a wide range of creative courses and get industry-ready. Enroll now and take the first step towards your dream career!"

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What We Teach

If you’re looking to explore your creativity and turn your passion for art into a career, Pickles Animation has got you covered with a range of courses that cater to the diverse field of animation and design. Our 2D animation course will teach you how to make funny characters dance, laugh, and fly on the screen, while our 3D animation course will help you bring your imagination to life in three dimensions. Our VFX course will equip you with the skills to add stunning visual effects to movies, and our graphic designing course will teach you how to create eye-catching designs for print and digital media. Our web designing course will help you create awesome websites that look great and work well, and our video editing course will teach you how to edit and produce engaging videos. The multimedia course covers an array of skills such as 2D & 3D animation, web designing, graphic designing, and VFX. Our digital marketing course will teach you how to promote businesses and products online, and our BSc in animation and VFX will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the field. With Pickles Animation, you get access to expert faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive learning environment that fosters creativity and innovation. Enroll now and embark on an exciting journey towards a fulfilling career in animation and design!

What Courses We Offers

We offer a variety of career courses Starting From Scratch Graphic design courses, Web Designing Courses, 2D Animation Courses, Digital marketing Courses, and a Vast level of Expertise Curriculum of VFX & Cinematography Courses. We offer 100% Job guarantee Courses i.e. to ensure some as career-oriented courses in India as we have catered to the same for the Last 2 Decades and we stand in a position to deliver the best us Chamber of Education to each Student who enrolls in Pickles Animation Campus

Best Animation Institute In India

Best Animation Institute in Sonipat

Our motto is to drive quality training as the best graphic designing institute, best web designing institute, best digital marketing institute, 3d animation institute, and best 2d animation institute in Sonipat, India, and this list goes in continuation nowadays we lead like best animation institute all over the world

24 Hrs Access to SMS

The section of Student Management System where every student get an unlimited excess even after completion of his/her course.

Projection Rooms

Full home theater projection rooms for classes so that each student understand the concepts very well by studying on large display.

High Speed Internet

Major issues even in big buildings that student get difficult to learn due to week connectivity but here is we installed D-Link certified connection.

US Standard Education

Pickles Animation providing international standard curriculum based on US Chamber of education from last 2 decades with a promising successful journey

100% Job

Renowned Centre of Excellence in the field of multimedia & animation education, attracting students not only from Sonipat but from whole INDIA

Places makes high impacts

We are the only animation institute in Sonipat who has their own in house PRODUCTION HOUSE to fulfill the client needs and parallelly teach the market standards to our students.Β Β 

Take a tour of a place where excellence resides

You deserve to be here. And we’re so glad to have you.
Largest Academic Space
Fully AI Enabled Campus

Our Team

A core of three vertical working for the best of an organization from last two decades to prove that how  good we are and also proves that best choice that they’ve made by choosing us.

Tanuj Arora - Co Founder - Director - Pickles Animation Pvt Ltd

Tanuj Arora


Our Trainers & Alumni

members Pickles Animation



nitin1 Pickles Animation
Nitin Chauhan Web Designer

When i step-in in campus and take counselling from Shilpi mam, then i got to understood that i was on right place, Now i really said that best animation institute in Sonipat. PICKLES ANIMATION is the only stepping stone of my career.

riya1 Pickles Animation
Riya Bansal Graphic Design

What a privilege it is to be a part of such an amazing organization filled with such amazing people. Where each staff member is really helpful and you can ask your query to any faculty. I am proud to be PICKLIAN

dikshant1 Pickles Animation
Dikshant Saini Sculpting artist

More than just calculus or bookish knowledge PICKLES ANIMATION gave us practical experience which is revolutionary in outside world. Pickles gives boost to my career. I am proud to be PICKLIAN

Thomas Pickles Animation
Thomas Olabisi 3D Animator

I was interested to study in INDIA to experience different culture. I really enjoyed every time i take class with people. Pickles is really a diverse campus like u can make friends from all over the world. Best Animation Institute in Sonipat INDIA.

gunjan1 Pickles Animation
Gunjan Sachdeva 2D Animator

Best Animation institute in Sonipat Pickles makes me grow for open my eyes at different perspective of life and taught me how to deals with various people. Pickles has always being a best place for me to learn and express myself.

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